Moshe Grundman, Executive chef

A graduate of the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City, Chef Moshe Grundman took his love of cooking and turned it into a career. After spending three years in the Israeli army, Moshe came to the United States and worked at many well-known restaurants, including Cafe Fiorello by Lincoln Center and Oceana, a Michelin starred restaurant.

At Oceana he was promoted to Sous Chef. He worked closely with Chef Ben Polligner, where he became familiar with many different and exotic ingredients and styles of food. Moshe has been influenced by the vast cultures he has experienced, as evidenced in the creative, delicious and appealing dishes he creates.  With a wide range of ingredients, textures, and flavors- Moshe’s food is always a hit.

Moshe has been building his food repertoire, and his clientele has come to expect delicious fare from him. He loves to use local ingredients, adding the special tastes of local produce to all of his dishes. From pasta to gelato- everything in Moshe’s kitchen is homemade. Moshe is changing ingredients with the seasons, making sure that the menu inside compliments the climate outside. The international influence on Moshe’s dishes are only enhanced by the close-to-home ingredients.

Moshe is extremely excited to be the executive chef for Sixty 5 on Main and to start this new journey. His menu is going to feature smaller dishes, that promote a sharing style when at the table. The unique part of his menu, is that it hails from cuisines all around the world. There will be a mix of cooking styles and tastes, and techniques used.

Dawn Hershko, interior designer and decorator

Dawn Hershko’s vision was to find a venue where she could combine the charm of a farmhouse with the intrigue of a cigar bar, while keeping a small hint of Moroccan smoothness in the background. Sixty 5 on Main features a dining room, library room, and rustic wine cellar where Dawn experimented with these ideas, and where she was able to fulfill her vision.  

Before working for Sixty 5 on Main, Dawn designed its sister restaurant, Brickhouse. There, Dawn created a trendy space where reclaimed wood is paired with cool urban materials. Her designs, paired with the work of local artists, are the perfect match for Brickhouse’s movie-nights, gourmet pizza, and southern barbecue.

Dawn began her career by designing and building her own home in Atlantic Beach, New York in 2000. Quick to be recognized due to her distinctive style, Dawn was asked to design the interiors of apartments from Manhattan to the Hamptons. She was then appointed to oversee the development of an exclusive area of the Five Towns on Long Island's south shore, consisting of over 75 homes.

Restaurant design caught her attention after giving birth to her first child. After her second child and the addition of three stepchildren, she turned her attention to developing environments where family, culture, music and outstanding taste could blend together in an inviting atmosphere… one that she’s excited to see actualized in Sixty 5 on Main.