Chef Paul, kitchen mastermind

Chef Paul, head chef of the beloved Brickhouse Nyack, brings over 20 years of experience to the new 65. Paul has unparalleled passion for everything related to food, with his love for the art of cooking, conceiving interesting dishes, tantalizing tastebuds and creating an overall enjoyable experience for all. Paul made Brickhouse Nyack the staple neighborhood restaurant you know and love today and is doing the same for the new 65.

Dawn Hershko, interior designer and decorator

Dawn Hershko’s vision was to find a venue where she could combine the charm of a farmhouse with the intrigue of a cigar bar, while keeping a small hint of Moroccan smoothness in the background. 65 features a dining room, library room, and rustic wine cellar where Dawn experimented with these ideas, and where she was able to fulfill her vision.  

Before working for 65, Dawn designed its sister restaurant, Brickhouse. There, Dawn created a trendy space where reclaimed wood is paired with cool urban materials. Her designs, paired with the work of local artists, are the perfect match for Brickhouse’s gourmet pizza, and southern barbecue.

Dawn began her career by designing and building her own home in Atlantic Beach, New York in 2000. Quick to be recognized due to her distinctive style, Dawn was asked to design the interiors of apartments from Manhattan to the Hamptons. She was then appointed to oversee the development of an exclusive area of the Five Towns on Long Island's south shore, consisting of over 75 homes.